TELL ME MORE: We're all forced to be inside, but the games must go on!

Invite your friends and family to be part of a VIRTUAL GAME NIGHT  — participants must have access to an electronic device that can download/use Zoom, the

video-conferencing program. I can see you, you can see me, and you can see one another! You can also see/hear my screen! Participants will be given a Zoom access code for the event.

A laptop/desktop gives players the best experience. HMGN's game nights do work for Chromebooks and tablets, but those devices do not provide the maximum amount of accessibility and convenience for the player.

There is a one-hour minimum, starting at $150 per hour (based on number of players and type of event), and it's preferred that bookings occur at least a week in advance.

GAMES, YOU SAY?: If you've never had an event with Host My Game Night, welcome! Typically, we bring your favorite game shows to life, right at your home or a few games of our own. 

So now, it's happening online! Who can name that tune, or movie? Who can solve a word puzzle the quickest? Who can outlast everyone else in sudden-death trivia?

A typical hour would consist of maybe 4 different games, depending on how quickly questions are answered. A two-hour session would likely allow for 6-7 different games. 

We'll just need to know the general demographics of your group, and an estimate of how many players you expect, and we'll tailor a game night for your crowd. We'll do our best with specific requests.

Depending on the game, we'll see who submits an answer the quickest, or who can come up with the best/correct answer after discussing in groups. 

ARE THERE PRIZES?: To add some spice to the event, you (as the person who books HMGN) can provide a "grand prize" that people would compete for — a gift card or a Venmo payment, for example. If you choose to do this, we have a system that will record winners throughout the event, and then randomly choose who gets the prize(s).

THIS ALL SOUNDS AMAZING - HOW DO I GET INVOLVED?: I'm glad you're interested! Please contact HMGN to book a date/time — preferably at least a week ahead of time, to allow us enough time to prepare the event.

A $25 deposit through Venmo/Paypal, or by card, will be required in order to secure your group for a certain date/time.

The quickest route to get in touch is an email to, or a message through Facebook. If you're old school, the phone number is 732-890-9723.

THANKS!: No...thank you!